ASA Member Completes WA Recovery Operation

American Salvage Association member salvages Hydrogen Reactor outside of Seattle.

A member of the American Salvage Association (ASA) responded to a call on December 9 to salvage a 485-ton, 140-foot long stainless steel reactor vessel that rolled off a barge, landing into approximately 60 feet of water near Cherry Point, WA. The reactor is an integral piece in the manufacture of low sulfur diesel fuel. The reactor was filled with nitrogen to prevent corrosion during transportation from Korea where it was fabricated. It landed with one end resting on the sea floor and with the other end just breaking the surface. Immediately after the incident, the ASA member provided an ROV to inspect the vessel for damage and asses its orientation on bottom. It was determined that there was no structural damage.

The ASA member was further contracted to develop, implement and manage the salvage. Over the next two weeks, working closely with local engineers and the reactor owner, a detailed salvage plan was drafted to safely lift the reactor from the water. Commencing after all plans were approved and the required assets were in place, divers rolled the reactor into the proper orientation, used water jets to expose the preexisting lifting eye on the bottom edge of the reactor and connected a 400-ton shackle.


Heavy lift derrick barges were used to successfully lift the reactor to the surface. A materials barge was then positioned underneath and the reactor was set in cradles mounted on to a transporter, where it was safely delivered back to the owner.  The barge was moved to the beach where the transporter safely offloaded it the next day. “This is just another successful example of the vast professional experience of ASA’s members in action,” said Richard Fredricks, ASA Executive Director. “This job was complex and required not only the right equipment, but the highest expertise to accomplish it.”

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