Orange, Consilium Launch Maritime e-Platform

Orange and Consilium Launch a Fully Electronic Platform for Maritime Navigation and Communications.


Solution providers Orange Business Services and Consilium are announcing the launch of Current At Sea - a bundled, flat-rate solution that enables shipping companies to move to a fully electronic platform for navigation and communications.


Current At Sea essentially extends the Electronic Chart Display and Information System (ECDI) over the world’s largest MPLS-based communications network (both terrestrial and satellite). It can provide detailed, real-time information for charting voyages and the remote monitoring of ships at sea. This is the first time that VSAT and ECDI have been offered together under a monthly flat rate.


Benefits from the solution:


  • Cost Savings - Voice and data communications carry no usage fee. Fuel and travel savings are achieved via a voyage optimization program
  • Improved Safety - Ships at sea can receive quicker updates and travel warnings wherever they are in the world. A study by DNV, a risk management foundation, determined that such a system can prevent ship groundings by at least 30 percent
  • Corporate-to-Vessel Integration – The MPLS networks enables ships to maintain a direct, real-time connection to corporate systems on land. Ship maintenance and monitoring can be done remotely over the same network
  • Lighter Workload - According to estimates, a paperless communications platform as provided by Consilium and Orange can reduce a second officer’s workload by up to 40 percent.
  • Value Added Services – Ships at sea can access VoIP, video conferencing and the Internet
  • Ready Compliance - Meets the mandates of the International Maritime Organization

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