Diesel-Electric Propulsion Offers Distinct Advantages

Power Management , Fuel Economy , Redundancy and Less Noise Are Key Features.


For valid reasons, in recent years diesel-electric propulsion has gained remarkable interest over traditional propulsion within commercial shipping and yachting. Propulsion with the best possible fuel economy, lowest possible emissions, more flexible redundancy arrangements, considerable lower noise and vibration levels, diesel-electric propulsion offers significant economical, environmental and technical advantages. By eliminating the need for a traditional , mechanical gearbox , operating performances are improved.

Every single diesel-generator set is connected to its own generator inverter. For maximum reliability and safety , main propellers and the on-board electric network can be powered jointly by two controller inverters or each single inverter. There is no chance of drifting powerless in the event either a diesel-generator , electric propeller motor , or any one of the inverters malfunction. A diesel-electric system also offers flexibility of addition and expansion of auxiliary equipment like bow thrusters or winches without adding more prime movers. Power cables can be routed much more easily through ship’s bulkheads and decks than traditional mechanical or hydraulic based systems.

Diesel-electric propulsion system is inherently more efficient that a mechanical drive system and therefore the vessel owners can use lesser horse power engines which equate to lower fuel bills, lower maintenance costs and lower emissions.

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