Dockwise Wins Shipping Award

Dockwise has won The Royal Association of Dutch Shipowners’ KVNR Shipping Award for its bowless heavy-cargo ship Dockwise Vanguard.


Heavy transportexpert Dockwise in cooperation with consulting and engineering companyDeltamarin have designed a unique semi-submersible vessel withoutconventional bow and with the accommodation in its entirety on the starboardside. The deck space of the vessel equals the main dimensions of the ship. The Royal Association of Dutch Shipowners (KVNR) introduced the KVNR Shipping Award in 2008. Through this award, the KVNR wants to show that themaritime industry is a great industry, in which innovations occur, but alsothat the environment and corporate responsibility (including items such asthe wellbeing of the crew) are high on the agenda. The price aims toheighten awareness of these issues and encourage shipping companies toutilize the knowledge of the shipping sector. Dockwise had realized that offshore exploration and production platforms andFPSO’s (Floating Production, Storage and Offloading) were increasing insize. At the same time they could see an increasing demand for suchstructures to be transported in their entirety, due to the relocation of theoil industry towards deeper water and more remote areas. Mr. Michel Seij,Manager Engineering at Dockwise says: “To support this process, weinvestigated whether our ships were able to transport such cargoes. Ourconclusion was that they had insufficient capacity and inadequate deck-area. Construction is due to cost $240 million.


The bow and the accommodations are usually in the way. The bowless design ofthe Dockwise Vanguard is the logical consequence of this."Dockwise brought their commercial analysis and knowledge of the market toDeltamarin and as a joint effort the novel concept was created. One of themain problems for the design were the current regulations. The regulationse.g. require bow and a certain freeboard. Deltamarin and Dockwise worked incollaboration with MARIN, Det Norske Veritas and the Dutch Inspectorate forTransport, Public Works and Water Management to get the required exemptionsto the rules. Another area that needed special attention during the designprocess, was the distribution of safety zones. Normally both port- andstarboard-rescue stations are required. Because of the longitudinally placedaccommodation, this was adapted to front and aft zones in the accommodation,which can be seen in the position of the davit-launched lifeboats.The Dockwise Vanguard will be 275 meters long and 70 meters wide. Over alength of 170 meters the ship provides space for sideways overhang ofcargoes. Both the deck and the keel are double, with steel thicknesses of 45mm, allowing the vessel to carry extreme loads till 110,000 tons. Deltamarinand Dockwise worked on the concept during 2011. The ship is being built inKorea and is expected to enter service in the fourth quarter of 2012. 

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