PPG Introduces PSX ONE coating

 PPG Industries' protective and marine coatings business has introduced PSX(R) ONE coating in the United States for  use in protective and marine project applications.


As a one-component acrylic-siloxane coating, PSX ONE coating providesoutstanding color and gloss retention in a durable, lower-volatile organiccompound (VOC) formulation that can be applied by brush, roller or spraying.Engineered for inland marine, petrochemical, water, wastewater and otherapplication segments, PSX ONE coating is a high-gloss, non-isocyanateproduct that complements PPG's existing line of siloxane coatings, includingepoxy-polysiloxane PSX 700 coating, which has more than a decade of provenperformance. Steve Feldman, PPG sales director, protective coatings, U.S. and Canada,said PSX ONE coating provides customers with the dual advantage of ahigh-performance topcoat in a single package. "In addition to itssingle-component formulation, PSX ONE coating has unlimited recoatability,making touch-up and maintenance easier while being able to be tinted in thesame color range as PSX 700 coating."PSX ONE coating also offers excellent abrasion resistance, widecure-temperature flexibility and unique surface tension to minimize rust ordirt-streaking.


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