Transas Rolls Out New FleetViewOnline

New version of Transas Marine FleetViewOnline 3.11 SSAS and Tracking service.


In today’s world economy, fleet management becomes more and more essential where information is a key. In response to this, Transas Marine introduces a new version of its fleet SSAS and tracking service FleetViewOnline 3.11.


FleetViewOnline 3.11 offers its users three alternatives for electronic charts presentation; Transas Marine proven TX-97 charts with worldwide coverage, OpenSteetMaps land charts and any charts provided by Web Map Service.  Web Map Service allows to load and display georeferenced images that are generated by a map server using data from GIS database, for example charts from 3rd-party providers, weather forecasts, satellite images, images of industrial zones, and other.

In the new FVO 3.11 version, SSAS and tracking functionality for Area A4 (Polar Regions above 70 degrees North or South latitude) is available for vessels equipped with SAILOR H4122 Iridium SSAS.
Transas Marine has also protected FVO software with the digital certificate to ensure even higher security level when using FleetViewOnline.

For those, who want to track their fleet anytime and anywhere, an Android client for FVO has been released and can be downloaded from FVO website. It includes a number of the FVO functionalities, such as graphical fleet location presentation, vessel tracks, commands sending to terminal, user zones presentation and editing of alarms, weather presentation, various reports (fleet report, track report, SSAS log). In addition, a mobile version of FleetViewOnline website is available now for smartphones and tablet computers with any operating system.  Ashore ship management becomes a common thing and allows shipping companies not only to monitor vessel tracks, performance and security, but also to control crew performance and optimize voyage parameters in order to decrease the cost.

Recently, Transas Marine has signed a fleet contract with German shipowner Claus-Peter Offen Tankschiffreederei.  The contract was signed for the complete fleet which includes tankers and bulk carriers.  An interesting detail of this project is that recently Offen Tankers had a piracy attack in Indian Ocean and the company needed a solution to constantly monitor their vessels. Now, with Transas FleetViewOnline, this became possible.

About FleetViewOnline

FleetViewOnline is a security protected web-based SSAS-Tracking service that provides processing and distribution of SSAS Alerts and displays your vessel's position anywhere in the world anytime. FleetViewOnline operates with Transas ShipGuard Inmarsat D+/ISAT M2M terminals as well as with a wide range of Inmarsat C and Inmarsat mini-C terminals installed on-board.  FleetViewOnline displays weather data over a chart area where your vessel is located.

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