Delta Wave Introduces StratosMax II Nomadic with Wifi

Delta Wave Communications, LLC, an Elite Stratos Channel Partner is pleased to announce that they have been selected as Stratos’ distribution and installation partner for the new StratosMax II Nomadic WiMax service.


With up to 1Mbps service for marine vessels operating in the Gulf of Mexico and beyond, the service offers unprecedented broadband internet connectivity with land line voice access. StratosMAX leverages emerging WiMAX technology based on 802.16 standards to create a wide area network for long range offshore communications. StratosMax II comes two versions – the standard package for permanent installation, and a portable solution. Wifi receives coverage from a growing network of base stations in the Gulf of Mexico and is based on Stratos’ existing microwave network in the Gulf of Mexico.


StratosMax II is designed specifically to serve energy companies on the move in the GoM. Powered by StratosMAX II Wimax-based service over their industry-leading microwave network, these mobile sites can expand their corporate networks onshore to mobile operations offshore, and for the first time enjoy the benefits of higher speeds and ultra-low latencies. The backbone microwave network is monitored  24x7 with the industry’s most sophisticated management system, and has been significantly upgraded.


The IP-based service offers high bandwidth, lower than ever-latency over a robust network enabling users to achieve maximum functionality at prices much  lower than traditional VSAT. Delta Wave is also offering their own packages  which are bundled with Inmarsat Fleetbroadband for backup or for use outside the StratosMax II coverage area for global connectivity.  With a suite of management tools, FleetBroadband use is easily tailored to the customer’s requirements to maximize productivity and minimize unauthorized use.


Tom Clark, Delta Wave’s President and CEO stated:  “We are very excited to be on the forefront in offering this industry changing technology, and are honored to have been chosen as one of Stratos’ distribution and certified installation partners.  We have also come up with some very creative solutions that significantly enhance the service to offer even greater versatility.”


An unprecedented potential industry changing offering  - Delta Wave is also pleased to introduce a very unique service – GOMax Wifi Café powered by StratosMax II.  Offered to vessel operators free of charge, the equipment requires only a very small footprint for installation. Usage is based on an internet café model whereby crew members and guests may access the internet at their leisure without interfering with primary shipboard communications.  Offering hourly, daily and weekly rates the service is designed to improve crew morale at a very affordable price. Interested parties please contact Mark Borner or via telephone at 800-706-2515.

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