Port Corpus Christi MD Retires

The Port of Corpus Christi Authority announces the upcoming retirement of Frank Brogan, Managing Director. Mr. Brogan will retire on February 2, 2015. He has been actively involved with the Port for over 40 years. "Frank Brogan has been the grand architect of all the port's significant projects of the last 3 decades! His energy, patience, resourcefulness and incredible talent transformed this port and positioned the region to attract over $32 billion of investment. His stunning accomplishments are balanced by his personal humility - diverting all credit to his staff and others. Although it's 50 years later, he has those same qualities we attribute to the Greatest Generation. Frank's legacy is prosperity for the Coastal Bend," said Judy Hawley, Port Commission Chair.

Brogan began his career as an engineering design consultant to the Port, which lasted for 13 years. As such, he designed many of the Port’s facilities that are in use today. He has been on the Port staff for over 27 years and was previously the Director of Engineering Services before being promoted to Deputy Port Director and subsequently to Managing Director. He was in charge of the final completion of the 45-foot channel project, the Mary Rhodes Pipeline and the Joe Fulton Corridor. "Frank’s hand prints are on many key infrastructure initiatives that have been and will have a long lasting positive economic impact in our region for generations to come. Frank Brogan was the first man to come to mind in finding a dependable and capable individual who could always see the most difficult projects through to completion," said Nelda Martinez, Mayor of the City of Corpus Christi.

Brogan led the planning for the future growth of the Port with projects such as the 52-foot channel project, the new Harbor Bridge, and the La Quinta Terminal. He helped reorganize the Port’s security department and played a key role in the Port’s new strategic plan and organizational plan. "I have worked with Frank Brogan on many community projects over the
last 15 years. While Mayor, I worked with Frank on many water related projects and other economic development projects. He has always been a dedicated professional, tireless worker, and a person you can count on to do a job well. As County Judge, Frank and I have continued to work on water, the new Harbor Bridge, and environmental projects. He will be missed by us all in the community," said Samuel L. Neal Jr., Nueces County Judge.

"Frank is a good friend and a great community leader. He has brought a lot to our area and has been an asset for our growing port and its surrounding industries. We hope the best for him and his family," said Todd Hunter, Texas State Representative District 32. San Patricio County Judge Terry Simpson also commented, “Frank was always willing to share his knowledge and experience. I enjoyed working with him to bring other businesses to the area as he always brought great insight and expertise to the table.”

The Port Commission is expected to consider a nationwide search for his replacement at the January 13, 2015 commission meeting.

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