ROC Chairman Retires

Mike Harding has resigned from the ROC Board of the Company with immediate effect from today. An Independent Non-executive Director since June 2012, Mr Harding was elected Chairman of ROC in December 2013.

The Board of ROC thanks Mr Harding for his leadership and invaluable contribution to the Company as a Director and particularly as Chairman, especially through the demanding period of the last 12 months. During this time Mr Harding has presided over the proposed merger of ROC with Horizon Oil and the subsequent takeover bid by Fosun International which has delivered outstanding value to ROC shareholders.

"Whilst the last 12 months have been very demanding, I am pleased to be leaving the Company in good shape and ready for a new era under the ownership of Fosun. I would like to thank my fellow directors and the management team who have worked hard to secure this outcome for shareholders. I wish the ROC/Fosun group well in its future endeavours," said Mr Harding.

The Board of ROC thanks Mr Harding for his contribution to the Company over the last 2.5 years and wishes him well in the future.

Mr Bin Zhao, President of Fosun Energy Group, has been named as successor to Mr Harding as chairman of the ROC Board

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