Eni CEO Addresses Porto Marghera Deal

Eni CEO Claudio Descalzi issued a statement on the agreement for Porto Marghera signed today in Rome at the Ministry of Economic Development.

“The agreement signed today is an important milestone for the future of Porto Marghera and reflects Eni's commitment to restructure its industrial activities in Italy through technological innovation and environmental sustainability.

Like in the recent agreement for Gela, and before that for the bio-refinery at Porto Marghera and at the bio-chemical plants at Porto Torres, Eni will leverage existing competences and assets, repositioning the industrial activities in growing market sectors within the green economy, and in doing so safeguard jobs and provide new opportunities for development in the area.

In Porto Marghera, we will create a center for green chemistry with two new production plants which, thanks to an innovative technology, will produce detergents and lubricants with vegetable oil feedstock. We will be the first in the world to manufacture bio-products for upstream activities, which will also benefit Eni’s operations in the segment.

Today's agreement is further evidence of the central role of Porto Marghera within Eni’s industrial system, and a testifies Eni’s commitment to Italy, our largest country in terms of investments.

The continuing cooperation between Eni, institutions and trade unions will be crucial for the implementation of the project.”

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