Shipping Tribune Conclave Saw Strong Industry Participation


“The Shipping Tribune Conclave 2014” held yesterday at Holiday Inn, Mumbai saw a significantly large participation of stalwarts and operators of the Shipping Industry. Issues which affecting the employment and employability of Indian Seafarers came into focus.  Mr. S. Hajara, one of the wll-known names in the shipping industry while delivering the keynote address highlighted the contribution and achievements of Indian seafarers.

Capt. Vinay Singh emphasized the need for more quality officers for seniors ranks while also highlighting that the time taken to pass the competency examinations by our officers and engineers at junior level is far more  as compared to officers appearing for examination overseas.  Delays in getting the Certificate of Competency  adds to already existing problems for seafarers as well as the companies employing them. Capt. Rajesh Tandon, who has earned respect for the nation by becoming the first Indian Chairman of International Maritime Employers’ Council (IMEC), emphasized the need for mentoring at all levels, ashore as well as on board ships.

Capt. M.M. Saggi Former Nautical Advisor to Govt. of India chaired the second session. This session saw Capt. Ashok Shrivastava, C.E.O, Allcargo Shipping, presenting details about the cargo that moves by coastal shipping and the future prospects. He pointed out that there will be a need for officers and engineers  to man the coastal ships. He wanted the administration to consider issuing “Coastal Certificate of Competency”.

Sanjay Shesh, Managing Director, Crowley Accord Marine Services, chaired the third session of the conference which was based on the theme “Training: Need of The Hour.” During this session Dr. B. K. Saxena, Principal, Tolani Maritime Institute shared his thoughts on “Challenges in Maritime Education and Training.” Dr. Sanjay Bhavnani, Director, MMS Maritime India gave presentation on “A Strategic Approach To Continual Crew Competence”.  Indian Seafarers- Global Perspective” was the theme of Capt. Vinod Naveen’s presentation.  Capt. Vinod Naveen is Principal, Euro Tech Maritime Academy. Mr. Vijay Handa, Senior Vice President, Reliance Industries Ltd, shared Charters Perspective of Manning Merchant Vessels.

Piracy has been a huge deterrent in the steady intake of young entrants in the world’s trading fleet. The final session touched upon this burning issue and the organizers had Mr. Deepak Shetty, I.R.S., Joint Director General, Ministry of Shipping. DG Shipping to chair this session. He noted that in all the piracy attack more than one fourth Indian seafarers had been taken hostage. 

The Directorate General of Shipping played a pivitol role in helping families of the affected seafarers in every possible way. Deepak Shetty has played key role for supporting the Indian seafarers. During this session Mr. Andrew Varney, Managing Director, Port 2 Port Maritime Security Ltd, shared his thought on “Maritime Security: Industry Overview and Future Trends.”  Capt. Satya Sahoo, Managing Director, Brukan Ship and Offshore Pvt. Ltd. gave presentation on a real life incident “Responding to an Incident of Piracy- Techniques of Crisis Managent.”

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