Major Security Exercise in Port of Houston

The Coast Guard inform that many organizations with a stake in the viability of the maritime transportation system, are participating in an annual security exercise as part of an Area Maritime Security Training and Exercise Program, at the Barbour’s Cut Cruise Terminal in Houston, 25, September 2013.

AMSTEP exercises can range from simple discussion-based drills to complex full-scale evolutions. SECUREX 2013 will be a functional exercise with a scenario that involves a simulated "dirty bomb" and will test the various Incident Command System functions in a real-time environment. The exercise serves a tool to train and prepare the port community to respond to a wide range of threats and to update our plans and procedures to dealing with different scenarios.

The senior attendees expected include: the Coast Guard Captain of the Port, Customs and Border Protection Port Director, FBI WMD Coordinator, Harris County Emergency Manager, City of Houston Director of Homeland Security, and the Port of Houston Managing Director of Health, Safety, Security and Environment.

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