Jack-Up Barge Awards New Contracts to MirTac

Successful audits and efficiency stimulate Jack-Up Barge to award new contracts to MirTac.

Jack-Up Barge awarded MirTac new contracts for consultancy and Star IPS implementation for 4 locations: 1 monohull and 3 modular self elevating platforms. The assignment includes business consulting to optimize the efficient organisation of office-barge processes, the translation of daily practice into the Star IPS software and the set-up of all required documentation, procedures, planned maintenance and administration onboard.

Ronald Schukking, Managing Director, at Jack-Up Barge, says: “Combined effort and teamwork in the past years with our business partner MirTac led to increased efficiency and a highly professional organisation. Organized processes, properly maintained, monitored and managed, are the basis for our compliance with ISM/ISPS but also, very recently, with stringent customer audits. Recently, we were positively audited by our customer Hochtief. This ensures a solid basis for future growth.”

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