ABS Nautical Systems Continues Growth in Greece

AB Maritime, Inc. a bulk carrier company based in Piraeus, Greece, will implement ABS Nautical Systems’ NS5 Enterprise fleet management software.  The contract includes six vessels, two of which are ABS-classed newbuilds that qualify for free software licenses under the ABS Newbuild Program.


The company will also implement Hull Inspection, Maintenance & Repair, HSQE, Purchasing & Inventory, Crew Manager and Vetting on all six vessels. 


AB Maritime, Inc. is currently using another system to manage their vessels; however they believe that the NS5 Enterprise platform will provide the flexibility they require to handle their requirements going forward.

National Energy Transportation S.A. also based in Greece will implement the Maintenance & Repair, Hull Inspection and the Energy & Environmental Manager modules as part of the ABS Newbuild Program. The modules will be installed on 18 of the company’s vessels, as well as their central office.


National Energy Transportation S.A. will utilize the software offerings through the ABS Newbuild Program as an opportunity to assess NS5 Enterprise’s functionality against its current systems.

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