Atlas Copco adds New Hammer to COP Line

Atlas Copco adds new DTH hammer for small diameter holes.

August 30, 2011 – Commerce City, CO – Atlas Copco Secoroc has introduced the newest member in their COP line of DTH (down-the-hole) hammers, the COP 20. This new multi-purpose DTH hammer is designed for 2.75 inch to 3.5 inch (70 to 89 mm) diameter holes in difficult ground conditions.

The COP 20 hammer has been engineered especially for the seismic drilling industry and construction work such as ground reinforcement and anchor bolting, as well as for applications in quarrying, mining, the dimensional stone industry, civil engineering and exploration drilling.

“In general,” says Jason Blais, Product Line Manager for DTH Products for Atlas Copco, “the COP 20 provides a solution for those situations where conventional tophammer methods are cost-prohibitive.”

The Secoroc COP 20 design is based on the best elements of its predecessors with the addition of the latest in DTH technology.  Operating at 100 to 174 psi, the COP 20 provides improved penetration rates thanks to its valved air regulation and lighter piston.

Other key benefits included in the new hammer include its check valve and spring combination, which provides better protection from external water and cuttings without impairing optimum functionality. The COP 20 uses a six-splined BR2 bit shank.


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