Fortran CAD/CAM Users 7th Meeting

The 7th Fortran 'Users Meeting' in Toledo, Spain, included access to a pair of Virtual Reality Rooms

In his oening address, President of SENER, Mr. Jorge Sendagorta, described the healthy condition of SENER Ingeniería y Sistemas, S.A., despite the global crises, and emphasized the important efforts undertaken of a clear corporate strategy based on the three "I's": Innovation, Internationalization and Investment.

In the course of the three-day meeting members were addressed in the conference sessions by a number of experts on technical subjects related to  FORTRAN.

This Forum edition also featured a premiere, from collaboration between SENER and Ingevideo, which included an on-site qualified working team: the installation of two parallel Virtual Reality rooms. One with a massive 6,5 x 3,9 m rear-projection screen, active 3D stereo and ultrasonic tracking system, holding up to twenty people, and another one with a helmet type projection device, for individual use, with optical tracking and gyroscope, for a complete 3D model immersion feeling.

Both rooms showed the FORAN model from the Argentinean Navy´s Almirante Irizar icebreaker, with the visualization of FVIEWER module. FORUM participants could enjoy the unique experience of a virtual walk, moving from the helideck to the engines room, via the wheelhouse and the fuel wing tanks, through the characteristic reinforcement of a polar ship.

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