Globe Wireless: July Release of R6 for Globe iFusion

Globe Wireless said that  its latest software release, R6 for Globe iFusion,will be launched in July 2012 and will be a free upgrade to all existing users. The software will feature the following enhancements: a Fixed-Multiple Voice solution for Fleet Broadband, VSAT auto-recovery tools and a pre-paid/sponsored email solution. R6 for Globe iFusiontakes the existing GlobeMobile multiple voice lines, currently on over 1000 FB vessels, using it as a VoIP solution. This enables multiple calls using Globe’s unique Digital Quality Voice (DQV) technology on both the GSM and VoIP phones over a standard FB terminal. In this release, the Globe iFusionFixed-Multiple Voice solution allows up to 5 inbound and outbound calls over DQV, while the standard circuit switched voice line remains free at all time for the captain’s use or for emergencies. One of key features of Fixed-Multiple Voice is the ability to assign international phone numbers from over 60 countries to each phone line onboard reducing the cost to call the ship from shore as no 870 number is required. Customers who have offices in the UK, Singapore, Italy, etc. can have a local in-country number that will be routed to the vessel and the vessel will be charged the same rate as if they were making the call from ship to shore. R6 for Globe iFusionwill support up to 8 VoIP handsets onboard the vessel and POTs handset plugged directly into the i250. Each handset is configured from shore via Globe iPortalallowing a simple name to be assigned, an international inbound number if requested, PIN codes to restrict outbound calls, and split billing for sub-accounts. PINs can be created as needed either fleet wide or per ship. Even pre-pay PINS may be used that are independent or tied to a GlobeMobile GSM account. In the case of a chartered vessel the charterer would have a unique PIN and all calls will be billed under a sub-account in the customers invoice each month.

R6 for Globe iFusioncontains additional VSAT features developed to keep VSAT terminals online, requiring less backup L-Band usage. Automated scripts monitor the VSAT system and will attempt to auto-recover the system with no intervention by technicians or crew. If auto-recovery does not work the Globe iFusion, via L-Band backup, allows the Globe Wireless VSAT technician remote access to all the core components and systems onboard. “This new feature assures the customer that over 95% of all outages are recovered remotely. We have found that for every 1 vessel that does require a visit another 20-25 vessels are brought back online remotely, saving the customer thousands of dollars per month.” said Brad Rogers, Director VSAT Engineering. He went on to say “With our live monitoring, typically within 1 hour of any outage, our engineers are already online checking the system and coverage. If there is an issue, most vessels are recovered within 15 minutes after remotely accessing the vessel.” R6 for Globe iFusionprovides the same status and control data onboard the vessel as used on shore by our engineers.

R6 for Globe iFusionwill also include a pre-paid and sponsored email solution that customers have been asking for. Via Globe iPortalcustomers will be able to set up sponsored monthly quotas with message size limits, allowing the customer to control how much, sponsored email the crew can use. These settings can be configured fleet wide or specific for each crew member allowing officers more usage for example or as a bonus for good work. The pre-paid account can be tied to the crew members GlobeMobile GSM account allowing them to share the pre-paid balance between GSM calls, pre-paid Fixed-Multiple Voice, email and SMS. Crew members will be able to pick up any Fixed-Multiple Voice handsets, enter a PIN and password and pay the same rate as the GlobeMobile service. If a crew member has a GlobeMobile number and uses a Fixed-Multiple Voice line, the end user on shore will see the GlobeMobile number on their phone as the caller ID rather than the vessels phone number. If there is no GlobeMobile number associated with the crew member then no number is displayed. These features will be available on VSAT and FB terminals.

“This is a very exciting update to our software.” David Kagan, President Globe Wireless said today. “We are providing unique voice solutions, going far beyond what our competition offers, as well as great VSAT enhancements that have never been seen before in the market. This is just the start of several new updates and features we have planned for Globe iFusionand our customers in the coming months.”

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