Offshore Wind Farm Transformer Platform – Nordic Yards Steel-cutting

Germany's Nordic Yards starts construction of its third offshore transformer platform for Siemens' North Sea wind farm

The first steel blank cut has been made at Nordic's Warnemünde shipyard on the largest offshore transformer platform of its type currently under construction worldwide.
Wind Farm transformer platform SylWin alpha will be installed west of Sylt to provide the grid connection for DanTysk and Butendiek offshore
wind farms.

In accord with the date announced at the contract signing in February this year, the first steel blank cut was made in the presence of representatives of the client, Siemens Energy, and the end customer, TenneT, at the Rostock-Warnemünde yard.

SylWin alpha is the third offshore transformer platform to be built by Nordic Yards for Siemens Energy. Three of the six offshore HVDC* transformer platforms currently being built worldwide can be found at Nordic Yards – which makes the shipyard group world market leader in the manufacture of transformer platforms.

The topside, the actual platform, and the jacket, the foundation, will be manufactured and optimised at the two yards in Warnemünde and Wismar. With an overall height of approximately 80 metres, a width of 56 metres and a length of over 82 metres, SylWin alpha is not only larger than the two platforms under construction, BorWin beta and HelWin alpha, it is the largest platform of its type to be built so far.

The transformer platform will be installed in the North Sea, about 70 kilometres west of Sylt, and will transform and transmit to the German mainland up to 864 megawatts of energy generated by the DanTysk and Butendiek wind farms.

“This day marks an important milestone in the further development of Nordic Yards’ competence in the offshore field. Because of the size and extended scope of this project, SylWin alpha is even more complex and challenging than its predecessors. We are looking forward to a continuing excellent working relationship with Siemens and TenneT,” says Vitaly Yusufov, owner and Managing Director of Nordic Yards.


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