New Intermodal Service by Brazil's Maestra Corp

Maestra to regionalize operations, offer cabotage, intermodal transport solutions in Brazil ports

Real Fernando, president of ship and logistics company Maestra, has drawn attention to his company's regionalization of freight operations in Brazil, so that teams at the port terminals are able to meet the demands of the country's regions locally.

The new model, permits greater proximity to customers in each region and increases decision-making flexibility. "We want to be closer to our partners, meet their needs onsite and offer more flexible solutions, optimizing the operation, giving more autonomy to our teams and more peace of mind to customers," he says.

With the consolidation of the cabotage service, Maestra, which operates a weekly service through  its four container vessels -Maestra Atlantic,MaestraMediterranean, Maestra  Pacific and Maestra Caribbean - the company offers a fully integrated service.

Mr. Fernando considers that companies are rethinking their array of domestic transportation and want to streamline their logistics to a port. "If we want to develop the country, we talk about multimodality. After all, no vessel reaches the port of retail stores," he says, citing a client of the company who succeeded in reducing their shipment costs by 15%.

Also, he points out, logistical bottlenecks that exist in Brazil can be overcome with good solutions, such as cabotage.

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