CSBC Keelung Shipyard

Shipyard Information

The CSBC Keelung Shipyard established in 1945, a well-noted state enterprise for its unique role in the shipbuilding history, was merged into this corporation in 1978. After repeated expansions and innovations in the post years, it has the capability to meet the demand of efficiency.

  1. Three dry-docks, two of 130,000 DW and one of 30,000 DWT
  2. A building slip of 32,000 DWT
  3. 1,600 meter quay walls are well covered with cranes and utility systems


Type Length (m) Breadth (m) DWT Capacity (Tons) Lifting Capacity (Tons) Crane (Tons)
D/D 275,00 45,00 130.000 - -
D/D 210,00 26,40 30.000 - -
D/D 270,00 45,00 130.000 - -

Shipyard Location

CSBC Keelung Shipyard