COSCO Zhoushan Shipyard Co. Ltd.

Shipyard Information

COSCO (Zhou Shan) Shipyard is close to the international sea route and navigation hub clusters in Asia, and it is a newly built shipyard with one DWT 150,000 dock and four piers in service. Importantly, COSCO (Zhou Shan) Shipyard is building a very large ship repairing, building and conversion base composing of three docks ranging from DWT 80,000 to DWT 300,000 (dock capacity: nearly DWT 1,110,000), three piers, 4,500m coastline and 2,000,000 m2 land area. Within the next few years, it will have the potential to grow into a mega shipyard and capable of servicing all marine activities, including VLCC repairs and offshore blocks fabrication.


Type Length (m) Breadth (m) DWT Capacity (Tons) Lifting Capacity (Tons) Crane (Tons)
D/D 280,00 40,00 100.000 - 25T x 1,50T x 1
D/D 410,00 68,00 300.000 - 25T x 1,300T x 1
D/D 539,00 49,20 150.000 / 80.000 - 25T x 3,160 x 1

Shipyard Location