Guangzhou Dockyards Co. Ltd. Wenchong

Shipyard Information

GUANGZHOU DOCKYARDS CO., LTD is a large joint venture established by China State Shipbuilding Corporation and Ocean Line Holding Ltd. on January 1st, 2006.

The company has undertaken the original ship repair business of GUANGZHOU WENCHONG SHIPYARD with its more than 50 years of experience in ship repairs, which was one of the first shipyards engaged in repairing vessels from foreign countries/customers.

The company has three gravity docks of 150,000 DWT, 200,000 DWT and 300,000 DWT and 2,400 meters of berths. The maximum DWT of the vessels they can undertake is 300.000 DWT. There are more than two thousand of employees which include professionals and experienced engineers and technicians.

The company has two factories with the headquarters in LONGXUE and branch in WENCHONG.


Type Length (m) Breadth (m) DWT Capacity (Tons) Lifting Capacity (Tons) Crane (Tons)
D/D 300,00 62,00 150.000 -  -

Shipyard Location