Zhoushan Nanyang Star Shipbuilding Co. Ltd. (NASCO)

Shipyard Information

Zhoushan Nanyang Star Shipbuilding Co., Ltd (NASCO) has successfully merged with the SINGA Group in December 2011 and has also acquired Zhoushan Zhongtian Heavy Industry Co., Ltd, making one of the biggest yards in Zhoushan Island area (Mid-China). The group has recently invested in its facilities to offer ship repair services primarily for bulk carriers.


 Type  Length (m)  Breadth (m)  DWT Capacity (Tons)  Lifting Capacity (Tons)  Crane (Tons)
 D/D  280,00  42,00  120.000 - 15T x 1, 60T x 1
 D/D  350,00  55,00  200.000 - 30T x 1, 60T x 1

Shipyard Location