CIC Lixin Shipyard

Shipyard Information

Lixin Shipyard owns three branches. They are located in Pudong’s Sanlin, Donggou and Gaoqiao districts, equipped with “CS Huangshan” floating dock with 13,000t lifting capacity; ”CS Huashan” floating dock with 9,000t lifting capacity, ” CS Pudong” floating dock with 22,000t lifting capacity. The shipyard can repair 18 vessels of Handymax and Panamax types at the same time, which can give more options to the ship owners.


 Type  Length (m)  Breadth (m)  DWT Capacity (Tons)  Lifting Capacity (Tons)  Crane (Tons)
 F/D  164,00  27,40  20.000 9.000 10T x 1
 F/D  190,00  28,40  35.000 13.000 10T x 1
 F/D  222,50  38,00  70.000 22.000 15T x 1

Shipyard Location