CIC Changxing Shipyard

Shipyard Information

China Shipping Industry (Shanghai Changxing) Co. Ltd., is a modern and large ship-repair facility, a joint venture between China Shipping Group Co. Ltd. and China Shipping (Hong Kong) Co. Ltd.. It specializes in the Repair, New-building and Conversion of various types of conventional, special and high-performance commercial vessels as well as the repair and conversion of Offshore units. The shipyard is located at Changxing Island. It offers repair berths of a total of 3.500 meters length with a drought of between 10 and 16 meters (excluding tide water).


 Type  Length (m)  Breadth (m)  DWT Capacity (Tons)  Lifting Capacity (Tons)  Crane (Tons)
 F/D  247,00  36,60  80.000 22.000 25T x 1, 15T x 1
 F/D  308,00  50,00  200.000 38.000 25T x 1, 15T x 1
 F/D  410,00  72,00  300.000 85.000 30T x 1, 15T x 1

Shipyard Location