Bijela Adriatic Shipyard

Shipyard Information

The "Adriatic Shipyard Bijela" is the biggest ship repairing yard in the Southern Adriatic. It is located in Boka Kotorska bay, one of the safest natural harbors in the world, and has century’s long shipbuilding and maritime tradition.

The Shipyard was established in 1927, and nowadays it has a large experience and extraordinary human, expert and technical capacities. It’s most modern management guarantees the contracted deals will be reliably accomplished with the uncompromising quality, competitive prices and terms, in accordance with the regulations of the world's most prominent Classification Societies.

This business attitude enables clients to make significant cost and time savings, in addition to the vessel's service life extension. Top quality work is also confirmed by an international certificate ISO 9002, the Shipyard was awarded in 2000. Implementation of ISO 14000 and ISO 18000 standards is under way.


Type Length (m) Breadth (m) DWT Capacity (Tons) Lifting Capacity (Tons) Crane (Tons)
F/D 184,00 26,80 10.000 2 x 7,5 -
F/D 250,00 45,20 33.000 2 x 12 -

Shipyard Location

Bijela Adriatic Shipyard